How to Write a Thesis/Dissertation Introduction.

The introduction is usually the first chapter of your dissertation and appears after the table of contents. You need to capture the attention of the reader with a strong beginning. You need to set the stage for your thesis with a clear direction, purpose, and focus. The introduction of your dissertation should include:
• Context and topic: What the reader is required to know to read the thesis.
• Importance and relevance: How does the topic fit with the research?
• Structure overview: How does each chapter of the theses tie to the overall objective?
• Scope and focus: Which angle of the topic will you discuss?
• Objectives and questions: What is the research addressing and how will it figure out the answers.

Choosing a Paper Writing Service.

Nowadays, students are selecting custom essay writing services. This is usually because of many demands piling on the students’ shoulders and the challenges of paying for their education. The essay writing service you choose will offer more than just a quick essay. They will make frequent communication with you and write an original piece. Consider the following factors when choosing a paper writing service.
• Cheap is expensive.
• Availability to write in any style.
• Ensure they can capture your writing style.
• Open communication.
• Availability of 24/7 customer service.
• Check their guarantees.
• Free revisions.
• Check if writers are professionals.
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• Ensure you get a plagiarism report.

Writing a University Entry Essay.

When applying for University, college application is very important. You need to have a strong college admission essay. This essay allows you to showcase your personality and qualities and also plays an important part in the decision-making process of your admission. To impress the college admission team familiarize yourself with the points below:
• Take your time.
• Begin with a template.
• Check out each option and ponder upon them.
• Bring out your personality.
• Avoid thesaurus.
• Use proper spelling and grammar.
• Give a personal story.
• Use relevant examples.
• Be genuine.
• Consider a rewrite.
• Give yourself a break.
• Get inspiration by reading other people’s essays.
• Ask for help in writing a college essay.
• Write it yourself.

How to Formulate a Strong Thesis Statement.

A thesis statement is a condensation of analysis or argument that is to follow in an essay. It is usually made of one or two sentences. Your essay should contain a thesis statement to test your points by condensing them into one sentence or two, to organize your argument chronologically, to guide your reader to your argument. Features of a strong thesis statement include:
• It takes some sort of stand. Requires having a conclusion on a particular subject.
• It justifies discussion. It should stress the main point of the essay.
• Expresses one major idea. A statement with more than one idea confuses the reader.
• It is specific. It should show what exactly your essay is about which will keep your essay to a manageable topic.

How to Write a Research Paper.

A research paper is part of academic writing that provides interpretation, analysis, and argument that is based on deeper personal research. Research papers are similar to academic essays only that they are more detailed and longer. They are aimed at assessing your writing and research skills. Follow the steps below:
• Familiarize yourself with the assignment.
• Select a topic.
• Do your research.
• Organize the research.
• Form a thesis statement.
• Create an outline.
• Put it in writing.
• Do content editing.
• Edit the grammar.
• Reread and submit your paper.

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How to Learn from Your Essay-Lion Custom Essay.

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How a Professional Ghostwriter Sources a Custom Essay.

There are many ideas on how sources should be used in custom essays. A perfect approach to write your essay is allowing your sources to make a structure of your essays.
• Begin with your thesis.
• Every custom essay starts with a topic then a thesis. The thesis is the cornerstone of every essay.
• Use section headings.
• Associate your section headings with sources. Group the sources into subcategories. Organize the sources based on categories and subcategories.
• Utilize article abstracts and previews.
• Once you break down your essay into sections and thematically organize your sources, read the abstracts of the sources.
• Use APA citation style. APA is the favorite of custom essays. It doesn’t require a page number from the source. Use APA and you will not regret it.

Expository Essays; Essay-Lion.

Are you looking to write expository essays? Essay Lion has got you covered. This type of essay requires the student to research an idea, evaluate the evidence, expound on the main idea, and come up with an argument concerning that idea concisely and clearly. The structure of the essay is held together by the following points:
• A clear thesis statement in the first paragraph of the essay.
• Clear transitions between the body, introduction, and conclusion.
• Paragraphs in the main body that support the argument with evidence.
• Evidence whether statistical, logical, factual, or anecdotal.
• Some creativity.
• A conclusion that not only restate the thesis statement but addresses it in the perspective of the provided evidence.
Essay-Lion Reviews 7 Ways to Deal With College Stress.

Nobody lives a stress-free life. Students entering college life are vulnerable to stress. College life transforms students’ lives. This is the first time you are living on your own and making solo decisions. Stress happens when your tension level is higher than your energy level. This leads to an overloading feeling.
If you feel that you are overwhelmed by the crush of books, papers and classes do not freak out. Follow our stress management tips to keep you in balance:
• Have enough sleep.
• Eat a balanced diet.
• Do more exercise.
• Avoid artificial energy boosters.
• Find emotional support.
• Focus on your passions.
• Do not overwork/overwhelm yourself.
• Avoid alcohol when relaxing.
• Take deep breaths when tensed.
• Spoil yourself with a massage.