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What you need to know about academic writing.

Academic writing is a type of writing that you do in school in a particular field or subject of study. It involves defending or proving your thesis statement. A thesis statement usually is a topic you choose and your point of view regarding that topic. Academic writing is different from other types of writing in that you need to back your ideas with sources and facts. Objectivity is a major characteristic of academic writing. Sometimes researchers pick up a topic without backing it up with sufficient evidence and even looking at contrasting ideas. As an academic writer, you have to be critical and have excellent evaluation skills in reading and writing academic text.

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Most college students do not perform to their expectations since they do not know how to write a good essay. To become a good writer you need to practice writing regularly or seek professional essay writing services. This is where Essay-Lion comes in. You will be able to improve your writing skills and grades. Most students fail due to low-quality essays. Original idea development is a challenge for most students. If you want a top-notch quality paper our academic writing services from Essay-Lion come in handy. The writers in our platform are professionals and have experience in including multiple ideas in every essay.

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Being a first-year student in college can be a nightmare. However, with little organization and planning, a student’s life in college can be productive and exciting. The first step to have a successful first-year experience in college is being organized. Create a schedule that will help you avoid missing important deadlines and dates. Also, create a study schedule within the first weeks of college and include details of your class hours and study hours so that you will not be overwhelmed by your course load. Our Essay-Lion academic writing website services will go a long way in helping you write appealing and high-quality essays to boost your grades.

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Rewriting essays can be boring and time-consuming. Using automated rewriting tools lead to senseless sentences that are incoherent and annoying. Our academic writing website offers article rewriting services at an affordable rate. The documents will be rewritten by experts who are native English speakers that offer professional rewriting services that adopt your unique tone and avoiding duplicated content. At Essay-Lion, we do not use software to spin text but use high skilled content writers who offer essay writing services that only human beings can provide. Our rewriting services are original, plagiarism-free, and engaging to a reader and pass Copyscape. So, you are guaranteed to publish your essay with confidence.

Choosing an essay topic when you don’t know what to write about

To write an essay you need to have the right mood and inspiration. The most important thing is the idea behind the essay. Choosing an essay topic by yourself is better than writing on that assigned by the teacher. This is easy when you have some ideas on what to include in your essay writing. In case you do not have a clue as to what to write about. You can start working from general to specific by researching the subject from a general perspective then dive deeper into the topic. You can also choose a topic that you have information about instead of selecting an unfamiliar one.

Proofreading services for your academic writing

Putting your ideas on paper is the first step in academic writing. You also need to meet other criteria like setting your unique tone and convince the readers of your refutations and supports. Following the set criteria and conventions of your field is also a requirement. Essay-Lion is here to help and we have a team of editors that can assist you to express your thoughts while still following the laid down criteria for academic writing. With Essay-Lion, you are assured of handing your paper confidently. The reviewing process is very private and hustle-free. Our proofreading and editing service for your study documents guarantees you 100% happiness.

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Essay-Lion has got the best freelancers with impeccable skills and is highly talented. Our platform has the very best essay writing freelancers with a proven track record and authentic profile. They can be hired on our website with just a click of a button. Hiring our freelancers is pocket-friendly than hiring a full-time employee. Hiring our freelancers through Essay-Lion is safe and the money is released to the freelancer after you are satisfied with the services. Essay-Lion has thousands of high-quality and top academic writing freelancers. You can quickly and simply post your job and get proposals that fit your requirements.

Top ten proofreading services and tips for writer

Thorough checking

  • Proofreading at least three times
  • Spread your three proofreadings over time
  • Be fresh and alert when doing your last proofreading
  • Use a spellchecking app like Grammarly to edit spelling errors
  • Reread the text even after using a spell checker. Spellcheckers can be wrong at times.
  • Research things you are not sure about.
  • Read reference materials they help us correct errors and focus on proven factual ideas.
  • If you want to be a better proofreader you need to read a lot. Reading gives us that unconscious knowledge of the language that we require when writing. This helps you look into details as you read through your essay.
  • Take a break and do not work when tired. You can walk across the room after doing a page and then walk again before starting on the next page. If you proofread when tired you are most likely to do it poorly


Essay-Lion: why it qualifies to be a top proofreading website.

Essay-Lion has accredited and highly experienced proofreaders who perform a quality check to essays before they are submitted. Our proofreaders ensure that the text matches the original essay, the style and spelling are consistent and correct, and the headings, page numbers, and captions are right and the illustrations ad photos in the document are captioned correctly. Essay-Lion guarantees you hiring a professional proofreader without breaking the bank and ensuring safety in the payment system. In our essay writing website, a freelancer will only be paid after you have reviewed the work done and you are fully satisfied.